Articles: A new fin design - The Genesis Response Fin

In the world of fins, changes don't happen often. In fact a lot people are of the opinion that a fin is just a fin... not so. The milestones that come to mind are the switch from super heavy neoprene rubber blades to thermoplastics, jet fins, and the plana design introduced by our friends at Mares.

Times change, and there is a new fin on the market that you might want to know about.

In 2004 Genesis has heralded the release of the "Genesis Response fin" to great acclaim from the diving world.

The Genesis Response makes use of both a unique design and three unique materials to create a great fin that maximizes thrust and maneuverability while at the same time reducing leg strain and fatigue. The foot is comfortable and when added to the additional thrust potential, this makes for a killer combo.

I'm not an expert on fluid mechanics, but the pocketed design on the blade of the Response appears to create small "pockets" of directed turbulence that serve to improve the thrust of the fin without causing the need for more effort from the diver. Picture these pockets as extra "mini fins", each arched perfectly to the bend necessary for maximum thrust for all types of kickers.

Not only that, but the Response also comes in three spiffy colors (silver, yellow, and blue) and features a high tech look in addition to structural benefits.

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